Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where to Begin

I am not quite sure how to continue with this blog .... I thought that by posting my story of how I reverted to Islam would be a good way to break the ice so that people could understand who I am and where I am coming from. Funny how it works ... only one post in and someone has already flagged my blog as spam. Am I that dangerous? In shaa Allah people will read my story and become inspired to learn more about Islam ... As I am learning my way through blogging and through Islam I intend to write of my personal experiences, share helpful links, and try to make use and sense of the wonderful technology and tools to help me along this journey!

It is not my purpose to force Islam on any-one ... my only intention is inshaa Allah to educate those who do not know ... and those who have the wrong ideas of what Islam is. This blog is for the non muslims, and muslims alike, for those who wish to learn and to dispell many myths about Islam.

In this great day and age of computers and technology it gives me great pleasure to know that whatever I want to learn is right at my fingertips ... the wealth of information is phenomenal ... the problem is there is going to be alot of garbage along with the valuable information ... It is each persons responsibiliy as we sit here, to sift the data ... to discard what we know is trash and to try and gain the valuable information that we are seeking...

It is wise to be cautious as you go along the internet highway and to choose carefully what you read as fact, fiction, or personal opinion. There are many people out there, who make it their personal goal to do Shaitans work for him and wish to mislead the unwary. And there are those who inshaa Allah intend to do what is right by Allah and strive to put their best efforts to give the truth, and their every action is only to please the creator. May Allah make me of the latter and guide my fingers to type only the truth may he help my every action to be just and on the straight of way!! Ameen.


Tryer said...

You are doing very well! Masha Allah... Keep posting!

Mary Hill said...

Most people don't leave Islam due to rubbish. Most leave due to logic. Creating fairytales that demons are going to get you for questioning Islam is just a way to stop people from questioning- just like in Christianity.

There is Ali Sina's a$50,000 koran challenge http://www.faithfreedom.org/challenge.htm